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Beyond the Seating Plan -Reimagining Your Styling.


Stepping into a breathtaking space bathed in candlelight, the sound of your wedding guests laughing and celebrating flows through the air, anticipation tingles and a sense of excitement fills the room. Your guests are welcomed to the next stage of your celebrations by your seating plan.   

This is Your Opportunity:
to wow your guests with creativity and expression... to take them on a journey. Give them a taster of what your evening has in store for them, setting the tone for the celebration even before the first course is served. 
Thinking Beyond the Easel: 
Whether you envision a celestial celebration under the stars, a rustic affair bursting with natural charm, or a whimsical touch of the witchy with enchanting details, your seating plan can transcend the ordinary.
Here are a few inspiring ideas to get your creative spark flowing:
  • Create an installation: Seating plans don't have to be flat! We utilised this bookcase at Pepper Arden Hall and dotted around our crescent moon shaped table charts before adourning them with tiny blooms. This one has so much interest for your guest as they have the opportunity to gaze over the intriguing book titles and beautiful book jackets while they search for their place.⁠

  • Use your venue's special features: You've chosen your wedding venue because you love it. So use it! Whether that is architectural features, stonework, archways or props, weave your seating plan into the fabric of the venue. We were lucky enough to use an enormous wooden chest at Ponden Mill, West Yorkshire, to make this multi texture display against their gorgeous stone wall backdrop. It looks as though it's always been there. 

  • Add character: Your wedding should reflect you! There are no rules for you to follow on your big day -this is the perfect opportunity to let your personality shine through. From romantic and whimsical to witchy and daring, this is a chance to tell your story in any way you like. Like this bold design we created for a Halloween wedding at St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London. 
Collaboration is Key:
To truly bring your vision to life, collaboration is key. Work closely with your wedding planner and florist to explore creative options and ensure seamless integration with your venue and overall decor.  Their combined expertise can transform your table plan from an idea into something magical. 
I hope this blog post has inspired you to reimagine your wedding seating plan, let your creativity flourish, and create a lasting impression!
Most of all, enjoy your day xx

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