Stationery Proofing Process and Terms and Conditions – Suzanne Oddy Design

Stationery Proofing Process and Terms and Conditions


Please supply your wording via an email to  with the wording and punctuation exactly how you would like it to read on your stationery.
I will copy and paste this text exactly how it is supplied to me then format the layout within the design.


Up to three digital proofs will be sent via email. The first proof will be sent within one week of your order and each set of amends will take a maximum of one week to apply from my receipt of any amendment requests. 

Any amendments should be stated in an reply to the proof email detailing what the text said before and what the amendment should be. Any amendments must be approved in a further proof.

I will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions so check your proofs very carefully. I advise you have a second pair of eyes look over them as it can be easy to scan over small mistakes. 

In the unlikely event that you were to require more than three sets of amendments this will incur an additional charge of £25 per hour.

If you require amendments after you have given final approval then you will pay £25 per hour for amendments plus the printer's production cost for a re-print. 


If you cancel your order during the proofing process then 50% of your order total and full postage will be refunded. 

If you cancel your order after final approval then a refund on postage will be given. 

I will of course consider your circumstances but any refunds remain at my discretion.


You are responsible for obtaining permission for printed reproduction of any images, photographs and text that you supply to me.

I do not request proof of permission and accept no responsibility for breach of a third parties copyright.

I have the right to use any of the stationery created for promotional use. Artwork and designs are copyright of Suzanne Oddy Design Limited and should not be reproduced in any form without permission.

To feature my designs on blogs and social media please attribute images to me with a link to my website  

-Hand made/applied and wooden products-

Please note that where items are made or painted by hand some variations may occur between items.

Due to wood being a natural product the products may vary in colour and grain pattern, level of scorching and in the colour of any engraving. The laser cutter can very its effect due to multiple factors and variation is to be expected as part of the process.

I cannot refund for products that vary in these aspects to what you have seen on my website.