Celestial Craft Weaving Kit – Suzanne Oddy Design
a wooden disc engraved with a celestial sun design. It is used for weaving wool cords. Shown with keepsake velvet bag and metal star charms
Celestial Craft Weaving Kit
Celestial Craft Weaving Kit
Celestial Craft Weaving Kit

Celestial Craft Weaving Kit

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Feel like you need to step off the merry-go-round for a while and relax? We've got just the thing! Our weaving kit is perfect for taking some time out to focus on slowing down and stepping into a creative flow.  Spending just a few minutes each day weaving can help calm your mind and provide a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. ⁠

Remember, it's not about creating something perfect - it's about enjoying the process, being fully present in the moment, and dedicating some time to slowing down. But the likelihood is, with this kit's gorgeous organic wool and pretty star charms, you may just end up with something beautiful that you can be proud of too. ⁠

So why not give yourself the gift of mindfulness and try out our weaving kit? You deserve it! 


Each kit contains:

A range of luxury wool in midnight-themed colours.
Gold star charms for embellishing your designs.
Wooden knitting circle engraved with a celestial sun design.
A keepsake velvet pouch to keep your craft kit organised.
Clear Instruction manual.